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No More Running Out Of Leave

Limited annual leave given by company? Save your leave for more important event with our pieces. 

Having More Time With Loved One

Leaves are too difficult to apply? You can now start planning your holiday with family or your loved one without any difficulties.

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With our pieces, you can rest well at home and enjoy yourself without worrying.

Same Day Delivery

In case you are urgent, we do provide same-day delivery for customers. 

No More Decline Leave

With our pieces, superiors no longer have the excuse to decline your leave. 


Fixed & Affordable Price

Don’t worry, we do not sell our pieces at high price. They are all fixed price and everyone can afford.

Flexible Dates

Pieces with backdated, actual date & future date are all available.

Wide Covered Locations

Multiple locations are available. KL, Selangor, Penang, Johor & Melaka

24/7 service

For urgent customers, same day delivery is available. 


24/7 service. Same Day DELIVERY are Available.


Kuala Lumpur / Selangor / Johor / Penang / Melaka

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We are helping people to get days off since 2016 as we believe that everyone deserves a smooth and relaxing day.  With support from a vast network of clinics, we provide a wide range of coverage in Klang Valley.

Life is Beautiful. Take a deep breath now, inhale peace, exhale happiness. A good day is here to start. Apply your day off now without worrying innocent Just 3 easy steps, and we are here to help.